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We offer best-in-class solutions in HR services.

Supporting companies to have a solid business growing process

HR Consulting

LPMM HR Services offers modern consultancy services related to Human Capital Management, mainly to Small and Medium-sized companies, advising and aiding businesses with it´s growing process, structuring human resource and personnel policies, compensation and benefits packages, salary administration, recruitment and retention.
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About us

Luiz Paulo Machado Marques is partner and also the CEO of LPMM HR Service. He is an extremely qualified and experienced person in human resources.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences and Executive MBA in Business Management from IBMEC (Brazil).

He is also a World at Work (Total Rewards Association) certified professional, holding GRP – Global Remuneration Professional certification.

His professional carrier has over 14 years of large experience in the human resources area, focusing on corporate compensation strategy, workforce data analysis, budgeting and payroll cost control, benefits management and compensation strategy. He also has experience in HR system implementation.

In Brazil he has worked with prestigious companies like Elera Renováveis, Tegra Incorporações, both companies that are part of the canadian Brookfield Asset Manager portifolio, and Coca Cola Andina Brazil, one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in Latin America.

Our Services

Comp & Ben

Helping defining strategies on base salary, benefit and incentive packages also re-desinging executive total compensation.


Managing client´s payroll paying employees accordingly to company´s process fully in compliance to labors law and regulation.  


Advicing companies on recruitment and retention process and strategies. It also includes guidance on employee relations.


Our clilents can use our expertise as third party services to take care of their HR operational functions.

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High standard

We offer high quality services in various models towards Compensation and benefits Consulting, HR Consulting (Organization Changes), Managing Payroll and Outsourcing of HR functions, actuarial and strategic consulting. These services are based on following models:
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Why choosing us?

We care about our clients and their employees, understanding their needs, developing the best solutions to support them on reaching sustainable business growth goals.

Value to Clients

We have customers satisfaction as main pillar and deliver value to their business


People are in the center of our actions, promoting inclusion and developing communities.

Want to know more?

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LPMM HR Services offers modern consultancy services related to Human Capital Management, mainly to Small and Medium-sized companies, advising and aiding businesses.

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